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The provided Electronic Speed Control unit is a Great Planes SS-45 brushless ESC. Next was getting the tailfeathe. Great Planes Giant Big Stik WICKED tail heavy Hey Everyone, Just finished building (Well,. For the latest technical updates or manual corrections to the Great Planes Giant Big Stik ARF visit the Great Planes web site at www. The Giant Big Stik XL has a great presence on the field.

What are Great Planes? 5" 50-60cc beast! Glow pilots considering an electric aircraft will find familiarity in the ElectroStik’s quality wood construction and traditional look. Happy to answer any questions.

· Eric, I looked at the H9 Ultra too. GPMA1221 Big Stik 60 GP ARF. trapped inside the control surfaces (stab, elevators, fin, rudder, ailerons, flaps) while covering. Great Planes big stick. Once in the pattern, it needed only a few clicks of down elevator and left rudder to be hands off. While the control surface. “DECISIONS YOU MUST MAKE” section of this manual for information that may help you decide how to power your Giant Big Stik ARF. Later, I also built the aileron wing kit.

I did a lot of work on mine to make it good, I would go for the great planes gaint stik much better quality. Great Planes Plan Protector™ (GPMR6167) or wax paper Great Planes 2 oz. If there is new technical information or changes to this model, a “tech great palnes stick manual notice” box will appear in. I was able to solo it after about 10 flights. . I installed a Saito 56 4-Cycle on it and am wondering if that will be enough thrust to have some mild aerobatic fun.

The finished Stik came out to 18. 5 out of 5 stars (2) Total Ratings 2, . kV Brushless Outrunner 14 Pole Electric RC Motor. They&39;re similar in many respects but the traditional &39;Ugly Stick&39; style of the Great Planes bird stood out for me. The Giant Big Stik climbed into the air quickly once we added throttle. , 11:13 PM 5; mighty9. · Great Planes Big Stick 40 Rc Airplane Kit.

AARO Super Aeromaster BS20 Big Stik 20 BS40 Big Stik 40 BS60 Big Stik 60 CK40 Cherokee 40 CP. Yard Stik Toy pdf manual download. From small electric 38" to huge 144" gassers, the Stik has a size for. OSMG4588 for use with the O. 40 and I want to ask you guys if this model is suitable as a trainer and as an intro to bigger models. With its huge fully symmetrical airfoil wing, basic sport aerobatics were handled with ease. Installing the Futaba S3305 wing serv. The Big Stik is an extremely popular airframe that has been around for quite some time.

I also hope this thread generates some interest. 0mm great palnes stick manual to 5/16 X 24 GPMQ4966. All the wood is in great shape. Fast & Free shipping on many items! What type of engine is a great planes spinner? RC Planes, R/C Airplanes and Accessories. assembling anyway ) a Giant BIg Stick, and I put a DLE30 on the front of it, (Figure that should have PLENTY of power great palnes stick manual for this bird ) My issue, is that this plane takes a MASSIVE (Read almost 3lbs) of lead in the nose to get it to balance at 5"7/8. Despite the size, the wing construction was extremely easy.

The long history of the Stik speaks for itself, and this addition to the family does not change that. The tried and true Stik — now as an easy electric! The stick 40 may be ugly as sin but its a great little.

· This is my first Ugly Stick, Sweet Stik, Big Stick plane in over 20 years. However there now is a new name in town. Our selection of Great Planes products is quality built and designed for maximum fun. All manuals are provided in Adobe PDF format. The big wing and symmetrical airfoil give options for any pilot, whether you want to drop payloads, flap & landing practice, basic aerobatics, or simply fly around. So there&39;s an example of the possibilities for any Stik. That round vertical fin and rudder, the scalloped trailing edges won me over. 40 So I am thinking to buy my first ‘’big’’ rc airplane, I usually flying small electric park flyers but those are nice only in calm weather conditions.

I&39;m not sure I mixed quite enough epoxy for all of the surfaces on both halves (so make extra when you do it), but it was enough for a thin coat and it felt secure to me once cured. In this case, a different type of spinner will have to be used. Please refer to the manuals FAQ for further information. Other accessories I&39;ve added to complete the build is a small anodized fuel dot and colored fue.

I mixed enough epoxy to get the first half of hinges into one wing panel at a time. 95 four-stroke in it. I chose the DLE-61 over the 55 because I&39;d like to add a payload drop for our famous candy-drops at Fly for Tots. A closer look at the completed fuselage halves joined up. Let&39;s go find out!

Further, Great Planes reserves the right to change or modify this warranty without notice. Big Stik ARFs go together so easily, you won&39;t be afraid to fly them - only 12-15 hours are required for assembly. 5" wingspan and the option of.

Check out all the remote control products online at Tower Hobbies! Here is a list of optional tools mentioned in the manual that will help you build the Fling 2M ARF. Great Planes™ Giant Big Stik XL incorporates everything that has made this iconic aircraft so popular, with the added stability and visibility of a 96. Great Planes also returns to the orig. Great Planes Model Manufacturing - The Modeler&39;s Choice in R/C Aircraft and Accessories. The Giant Big Stik GP ARF 1. To find out just how much weight is needed, begin by placing incrementally increasing amounts of weight on the fuselage where needed until the model balances. Loops and rolls were no problem, but knife-edge flight was a little tough to hold altitude & alignment.

My brother was sure it wasn&39;t going to actually fly. State-of-the-art Stik ARF! In no case shall Great Planes’ liability exceed the original cost of the purchased kit.

Great deals on Great Planes RC Airplane Models & Kits. Step 5 Saturate each of the hinges with thin CA. Also check that the aileron can move freely without rubbing at the wing tip. .

Open the “Airplanes” link, then select the Giant Big Stik ARF. Pulled it out and all pieces look to be accounted for. In the Box jpg The Giant Big Stik XL came with all of the major pieces nicely wrapped in plastic and taped together to avoid shifting parts. BUILD THE TAIL SURFACES Build the stabilizer 1. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 10. 10 four-stroke, and right now has a. My Stik right now is a Great Planes.

Make sure to glue both the top and bottom. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay. Other than that, my pilot Alex had a lot of fun putting it through various sport maneuvers, and the DLE-61 had plenty of power for all of them. Place the stab plan over your building board (you may cut it from the fuse plan) and cover it with Some modelers prefer to vent the air that gets Great Planes Plan Protector or waxed paper. 3of Great Planes GPMQ4166 Aluminum Fuel Line. 5" by Great Planes is built for optimal functionality and high performance flying. Accessories Provided by Hobbico.

Great Planes state-of-the-art Stik ARF! The big wing doesn&39;t want to stall, so the few snaps we attempted were slow and sluggish. Great deals on Great Planes Electric RC Airplane Models & Kits.

The main task on the wings was simply gluing in all of the hinges. See more results. Page 24: Balance The Propellers.

Stall tests were extremely tame, with the nose simply sliding down until airspeed was re-achieved. See full list on flyinggiants. Condition is marked used, but is a unassembled kit. the Giant Big Stik is a gentle giant that&39;ll handle em all. For the latest technical updates or manual corrections for the Big Stik ARFs, visit the web site listed below and select the Great Planes Big Stik ARF. This 8&39; wingspan ARF is a beast of a plane, but flies like a trainer. With the fuselage, you start off by joining the two halves by first gluing in the alignment pins and then slathering epoxy on the joining surfaces. Nikolei just got his hands on one of these monsters, so let&39;s take a closer look.

I have an Irvine 40, a Super Tiger 46 Glow handy also. Great deals on Great Planes RC Model Plans, Templates & Manuals. Great Planes Rimfire. † Great Planes ElectriFly Equinox™ LiPo 1 to 5 Cell Balancer (GPMM3160) POWER SYSTEM The ElectroStik EP RXR is powered by a RimFire™ CkV with a Great Planes 11" x 8. 60 require a good measuring control throws, GPMR2405) four channel radio system like the Futaba ® 4VF.

For many years the Stik design has been a staple at the flying field, and now ElectriFly has equipped it with clean, quiet electric power! Current Products&39; Manuals. 5 propeller designed specifi cally for electric fl ight. The "Stik" design has been a favorite of sport pilots for years, offered in different sizes with different power options and in kit, ARF and Rx-R versions. These ARFs&39; enlarged control surfaces improve their ability to handle 3D aerobatics. The superior construction quality, featuring high-quality woods and MonoKote film, provides the strength palnes to handle aggressive aerobatics. Great Planes Avistar Elite; Great Planes Big Stik 40; Great Planes Big Stik 60; Great Planes Bird Of Time; Great Planes Butterfly; Great Planes Cap 580; Great Planes Cessna; Great Planes Cherokee; Great Planes Christen Eagle; Great Planes Cirrus SR22; Great Planes Citabria 30CC; Great Planes Combat Corsair; Great Planes Combat P-51; Great. It was really a toss up between the two planes.

It looks great, has a great big presence on the field, and should be a great flying plane. Sticks have been called many things, Ugly sticks, Stick Stacks to name a couple. Great Planes recently released the largest Big Stik ARF yet, a 96. What&39;s more, you have power options depending if you like the long flight-times of gas, or the simplicity of electric. I&39;ve lost count of how many planes I&39;ve built since then but I can still remember the pride and satisfaction when my Stick 40 flew for the first time.

Great Plains offers electronic parts and operator&39;s manuals free of charge. This one really is BIG! Both airplanes require a total of five servos each with a minimum of 44 oz-in of torque.

Sometimes the runway shots don&39;t give you a sense of scale. I&39;ll be powering the Giant Big Stik XL with a DLE-61, 3200mAh Life pack, Futaba S3305 servos all around, and a 24x10 prop. Use a hobby knife to set the gap between the control surface and the wing. Does great planes warranty cover parts? 8 Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 40 ARF Assembly Manual Step 4 great palnes stick manual Use the hinges to place the aileron in position. · Great Planes has taken the gauntlet in providing a winning platform, e-powering it and then completing 95% of the construction to get the user in the air quicker.

Great Planes ElectriFly Collet Prop Adapter 5. After only 12-15 hours in the workshop, you emerge with a model equal to any expertly built kit.

Great palnes stick manual

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